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The Whae. Ancient Wisdom – Modern Understanding


David Jones

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Every once in a while something significant and profound arrives to enhance human consciousness and understanding.

The Whae is based on The Law of Emotional Reaction, and built on two sets of guiding principles:

– The Twelve Keys to a Happy and Fulfilled Life

– The Twelve Pillars of Wisdom and Understanding

 The Whae is a simple, straight forward, practical approach to a stress free, harmonious and fulfilling life. Drawing on modern self-help programmes and traditional philosophies, The Whae is a practical approach to dealing with life’s problems. Everybody can benefit from its simple teaching.

The Whae will change how you look at things. It will introduce an alternative view of understanding and reacting to the events that shape your life. It will help you deal with them in a detached and practical manner. Above all, it will help you let go of the things that are causing you distress so that you are free to live a happy and contented life.

David Jones is a writer, philosopher, and publisher.

He is the author of several motivational books including the best selling Zippidee Doo Dah – Is there a secret to being happy?

David developed Psycholytics as a simple philosophy to promote emotional health and well-being.


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